Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Media Blasting is a non-silica bast blasting material that removes the old finish from cabin/wood.

Advantages of Media Blasting for Log Homes:

  • An excellent substitute for pressure washing (eliminates water entry to the cabin)
  • Completely removes peeling, sunburned, and fungus from Logs.
  • Logs are ready to stain (no drying time at all)
  • no sapping wood. (Water washing can induce sapping).
  • Allows 60% to 75% more penetration of stain to logs or siding. Greater penetration increases the durability/longevity of a stain.
  • Allows for the added insecticide to soak into the wood. Eliminating Carpenter bee or wood-boring insects from attacking home. No carpenter bees = no woodpecker damage.


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